Children Need Pilates Too

Baseline hamstring flexibility, September 2018

Baseline hamstring flexibility, September 2018

Tight 10-year old

My 10-year old son is a competitive soccer player who wants to improve his athletic performance. We are going to document his progress on this page. You can see that he is starting with incredibly tight hamstrings that causes him to flex his spine excessively to try to reach his feet. He struggles to sit without collapsing into this c-shaped spine as well. Our goals are to strengthen his feet, lengthen his hamstrings, improve mobility of his hips, and strengthen his spinal extensors.

Spine Strength

One skill we are working on is better sitting. Ari tends to sit on his sacrum, and then flex his entire spine. He complains about back pain when he sits for long periods of time. Ari is learning to sit on his sitz bones, then stack his spine straight out of his nicely aligned pelvis. This new position is tiring, so we need to strengthen Ari’s spinal extensors which will allow him to sit like this for longer periods of time.