What Pilates can do for you

Pilates is a unique form of movement designed specifically to reeducate the modern human body. We are not intended to sit and remain stationary for long periods of time.  Unfortunately, our sedentary culture seeps into the biomechanics of our posture and movement. Over time, the body may signal its inefficiencies and weaknesses to us through pain. 

This is where the beauty of Pilates comes to the rescue. The Pilates method quickly reveals your movement strategies as you go through the repertoire of exercises. Through awareness and reeducation, you acquire more efficient and effective movement. You recruit and strengthen what is weak, you stretch what is tight, you move what is stagnant, stiff and neglected. Circulation increases, pain subsides, strength, flexibility and stamina improve, posture is corrected, confidence is regained, and as Joseph Pilates said in the title of his 1945 book, you can “return to life.”

Classical Pilates can give you:

  • STRENGTH - Strengthen all your muscles, from your feet to your core to your neck. No other method gives your core and feet the attention they deserve.

  • FLEXIBILITY - Not only strengthen your muscles, but do it in a lengthened position, giving you flexibility and grace as you move while also preventing injury.

  • IMPROVED BIOMECHANICS AND POSTURE - Teach you how to recruit more efficient and effective muscles, improving biomechanics and posture while reducing aches, pain, and stiffness in the studio as well as throughout your day.

  • A HEALTHY SPINE - Take a rigid spine and gently coax it with good support from the core into not only flexion but also extension, rotation, and side bending. Over time, the spine becomes strong and flexible like that of a cat, able to produce a wide range of movements without pain, compression, or fear of injury.

  • BETTER BREATHING - Learn more potent breathing, which better oxygenates your blood that is then better circulated throughout your body by the exercises. In this way, Pilates promotes healing of chronically deprived tissues.

  • COGNITIVE BENEFITS - Improve neural connection to each muscle and motor cortex tissue dedicated to those muscles. Literally enhancing the mind body connection, and at the same time improving mood and confidence.

For more information about Joseph Pilates, see Who Was Joe?