New Client Starter Package: $295 for 5 privates

Privates: $72 for a single, $650 for a 10-pack

Classes: $30 for a single, $250 for a 10-pack

Summer Special: Unlimited classes from 6/1/19 - 8/17/19 for $665


New Clients:  Anyone new to Kinesis Pilates needs to start with a New Client Starter Package of five privates. This ensures that you get the most out of your Pilates experience and that classes stay true to their level. You’ll have two lessons on the reformer, two on the mat and tower, and one on the chair. With the starter package, you learn the principles of Pilates, how to find good alignment, the exercises, the equipment, and safety. It also enables the teachers to individualize their instruction for group classes. Once completed, your instructor(s) can help guide you to the best classes for you. You’re also welcome to continue taking privates, or do a combination of the two.

Cancellations:  Private sessions must be canceled on MindBody by 8:00pm the previous night.  Classes may be cancelled on MindBody up to two hours prior to their start.   No shows and late cancels are charged the full price of the lesson.

Packages: All private and class packages need to be used within six months of the date of purchase.

Private clients: Clients taking a private lesson are welcome to arrive 15-minutes before, or stay 15-minutes after, the lesson to use auxiliary equipment like the high barrel, foot corrector, and foam rollers, provided the studio is open and the equipment is available.