Sophia Briegleb, owner and teacher

Sophia fell in love with Pilates after using it to heal eight years of chronic hip and SI joint pain, when nothing else had helped.  She has a B.S. in Sports Medicine, a M.S. in Neuroscience, was certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2003, and taught Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology at the Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver.  In 2016, she graduated from the 950-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder and became a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Pilates Teacher.  She opened Kinesis Pilates in her home to bring high quality and competitively priced classical Pilates instruction to NE Denver.  In June of 2017, she moved the studio to The Stanley Marketplace.  Kinesis also became a Host Advisor studio for The Pilates Center, and welcomes students to complete internship hours for their training program.  

Sophia specializes in not just teaching the Pilates repertoire of exercises, but rather using them to teach you how to move better.  She helps you learn how to efficiently and effectively move your whole body in your sessions, as well as how to transfer that into your daily life.  With practice and patience, your biomechanics change.  The result is that your body moves better, feels better, and looks better.

Sophia teaches privates and classes on Mondays through Saturdays, and can be reached at

Sophia teaching with Kaile Ziemba at The Pilates Center in Boulder, where she completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program.  Photo used with permission from The Pilates Center.

Sophia teaching with Kaile Ziemba at The Pilates Center in Boulder, where she completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program.  Photo used with permission from The Pilates Center.

Kim Zachar, Teacher

Kim has always been active with outdoor activities like skiing and cycling, as well as visiting the gym.  She started doing Pilates in 2006 to help with imbalances and weakness in the shoulder and back during swimming.  Pilates corrected this initial issue, and created improvements in strength and flexibility throughout her body.  She realized Pilates is unique.  It is gentler on the body and builds strength in all muscle groups – large and small!  She was hooked. 

Kim wrapped up a career in software technology sales in January 2016 and began pursing Pilates full time.  She completed the 950-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder in 2017.  She is all too familiar with the physical stress of commuting, computer work and flying and wants to help people get their bodies moving.  She believes Pilates is a powerful lifelong fitness method and is excited to share it with others.  

Kim will be teaching classes and privates on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.  She can be reached at

Aja VElasquez, student teacher

Starting in ballet and gymnastics at the age of six, movement has always been a big part of Aja's life.  She spent her childhood and teen years at the ballet studio almost everyday for hours, which began to strain her body.  At the age of twelve, she started experiencing hip pain during dancing and throughout the day. Her mom encouraged her to try Pilates, and after four private sessions, she saw a huge difference in not only the pain but also with a new found core strength and body awareness. Not only did her dancing improve, but the way she moved started to change.  Supplementing ballet with Pilates became the new normal.  Soon it became more than a supplement, as she started to become very passionate about it.

Recently, Aja decided to dedicate herself to teaching and sharing her passion for Pilates with the world.  She is currently going through the 500-hour Balanced Body University comprehensive Pilates teacher training. Pilates has changed her life, through incredible exercises that help relieve pain by training the body to move in correct alignment while building long and lean muscles.  Her goal is to help clients feel amazing through this mind body experience. 

Aja teaches morning classes and privates on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  She can be reached at

ARA HAUPT, Student teacher

Ara was first exposed to Pilates more than a decade ago and was quickly hooked, realizing that it complimented all of the outdoor activities she enjoys. She received a masters in Physician Assistance in 2011 from the CU Anschutz Medical School, and has worked at a pediatric PA at Partners in Pediatrics for the past six years. Throughout this time, she has learned to integrate many complimentary modalities into healthcare. Recently, she has become more eager to promote healthy movement and an understanding of the mind-body connection that Pilates brings. Ara enjoys exploring how Pilates can provide a boost in mental and emotional along with physical health in her patients.

In the spring of 2017, Ara began the 600-hour Intermediate Plus Pilates Teacher Training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder. She's excited to teach anyone looking for an opportunity to experience what Pilates has to offer, but especially kids, teens, expectant and/or postpartum moms. Ara teaches classes and privates on Fridays.  She can be reached at

Everlea McGrath, visiting Teacher

Everlea is a proud wife, mother, entrepreneur, performer and health & wellness professional. She is a 2008 honors graduate of the University of Florida’s School of Theatre and Dance, with a degree in Dance Performance and a minor in African Studies. Everlea graduated with a Certificate in Dance and Healing earned from the Center for the Arts and Healthcare Research (CAHRE). She's danced professionally with D.C. Contemporary Dance Theatre, Dance & BMore, Deep Vision Dance Company, Kirova Ballet Company and Space Coast Ballet. 

Everlea became a student of Pilates in 2005, and entered her first training program in 2007. In 2016, she completed The Pilates Center's Bridge Program, which is an expedited and condensed version of their rigorous Advanced Program for students who have already trained elsewhere. After successful completion, she became a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center.

Everlea owns a studio in Annapolis, MD called P.H.D. by Everlea, which stands for "Pilates, Health and Dance."  It encompasses all her professional passions. Her charge is helping others live happier, healthier and more productive lives physically, emotionally, artistically and mentally.  She will be teaching at Kinesis on Saturday December 2nd, offering classes in the morning and privates in the afternoon.  

Kinesis is hiring!

If you are a classically trained Pilates teacher and are interested in working at Kinesis, email