Kinesis Pilates was voted Readers’ Choice for Best Pilates Studio in 5280 Magazine’s Top of the Town 2019.  It’s located on the second floor of The Stanley Marketplace at 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora. The 850-square foot studio has been open at Stanley since June 2017 with five Centerline reformers that convert into towers, five chairs, one cadillac, one high barrel, and various other smaller equipment. Read about how Kinesis Pilates was started and how we differ from other studios in this VoyageDenver article.

Pilates Equipment at Kinesis


Probably the best well known piece of equipment is the reformer.  It is comprised of a wooden frame, carriage on wheels, a foot bar, shoulder blocks, an adjustable head rest, and five springs to vary the tension.  The Centerline reformer is incredibly smooth and well padded.  The kickstand on the footbar allows for quick, easy transitions.

Reformer exercises:

Cadillac and TOWER

Joe also designed a piece of equipment called the cadillac, a table with a cushioned mat and four poles extending from each corner and connecting in parallel bars above.  A variety of pieces are attached to the poles, including leg springs, a roll down bar on springs, and a wooden push through bar that can be spring loaded.  A lighter version was later created called either the tower or pole.  Towers have two poles extending from one end of the equipment only, allowing for most exercises done on the cadillac to be completed.  The five reformers at Kinesis convert into a towers, and there is also one cadillac.

Tower exercises:


Cadillac exercises:


The most compact piece of equipment able to work the whole body is the chair.  This is one of my favorites.  The Centerline chair has a paddle that can be loaded with two springs on a cactus design to allow for eight variations of resistance. 

Chair exercises:


Joe designed several barrels, including the high barrel (sometimes called the ladder barrel), spine corrector, and small barrel.  All three provide excellent support for the spine in extension.  

High barrel, spine corrector, and small barrel exercises:



In addition to his larger pieces, Joe also created smaller equipment, such as the Ped-o-Pulfoot corrector, toe gizmo, and magic circle.  There is almost no part of the body that cannot be exercised effectively with one of Joe's designs.    

Although the mat is not nearly as exciting as the variety of unique Pilates equipment, it could be argued that it was one of the nearest and dearest forms of Pilates to Joe.  In his 1945 book Return to Life, he describes only his mat exercises.  More than any other equipment, the mat challenges the core musculature.  It is also excellent for improving flexibility.  The beauty of mat is that it requires no expensive equipment and can be done anywhere (like on the beach!)  


Mat exercises: